Accountability Conversation

ConversationI would rather hold someone else accountable than to be held accountable. Accountability works best as a “two-way street”. Accountability requires truth, courage and patience among other attributes. I think for accountability to work in my Christian journey, there must be love, kindness and gentleness.

The Apostle Paul writes two letters to the church at Corinth. He writes in a very personable way. I can feel his love for them, even when he’s “pouring it on”. He loves them too much to let them live however they please. He keeps reminding them of meeting Jesus and the change that the Lord brought about in their lives. Check this out…

18 Some of you have become arrogant, thinking I will not visit you again. 19 But I will come—and soon—if the Lord lets me, and then I’ll find out whether these arrogant people just give pretentious speeches or whether they really have God’s power. 20 For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power. 21 Which do you choose? Should I come with a rod to punish you, or should I come with love and a gentle spirit? (1 Corinthians 4:18-21 NLT)

I was speaking with a man a day or so ago, whom I believe to be a Christ follower. I’m not sure how our conversation got to this place, but I told him that I wanted anyone who saw something in me that wasn’t Christ-like, to please “call me out”. I can be blind to my own behavior and issues. Accountability is not optional for Christians. We sometimes act all “high and mighty”, when we should be “low and weak”. I don’t EVER want to come across to others as prideful and arrogant. If you are reading this and you know me and you’ve seen this in me – PLEASE connect with me and call me out.  I believe pride is at the heart of ALL sin. I believe pride is very self-destructive. It doesn’t matter how large my leadership platform, if I’m full of pride instead of gratitude and humility – I will fail as a leader.

I want to live like the Lord called me to live.

I want to love like the Lord loves.

I want to lead others, by following the Lord.

I want to be humble and kind just like the Lord.

I want to live out my faith daily with the Power of God overflowing from my heart.

Pressing On!




Jesus man of joyJesusI remember the simple little game of “Hide & Seek” when I was a kid. It was a really fun game that didn’t require any props or game pieces. In fact if there were only 2 people, you could still play this game. It was more fun hiding than seeking. I didn’t like being “it” much. I enjoyed hiding and actually became pretty good at it.

The prophet Zephaniah warned the people of the land that the Lord’s wrath and punishment is coming. He’s about to restore the land to Israel. The prophet gives some good counsel that applies even today. Check this out….

3 Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land,

    you who do what he commands.

Seek righteousness, seek humility;

    perhaps you will be sheltered

    on the day of the Lord’s anger. (Zephaniah 2:3 NIV)

Hiding from the Lord is really stupid and futile. It can’t be accomplished. As hard as I might try, I can’t run and hide from Him. He knows me. He knows my struggles. He knows my stresses. He knows my joys. He knows my pain. I believe there is life in seeking the Lord. I believe that seeking the Lord is more than a one-time exercise. I believe seeking the Lord should happen daily, hourly —constantly. I believe that I can learn more about Who He is and how He is through seeking Him. I believe that I can seek Him through His Word as well as seek Him through the events of my day. He is there, willing to help me. He is willing to direct my path. He is willing to give me counsel. He is willing to pick me up when I’m down and discouraged.

I don’t ever intend to stop seeking the Lord. I believe in Him with my whole heart. I’ve experienced His Presence, His Comfort, His Wisdom, His Power and His Gentle Heart. I will keep seeking Him today.

Pressing On!


Compassionate God


Man holding rock with bible verse John 8:7There have been times when I didn’t understand why God didn’t reach out to save someone from himself or herself or a painful experience that was coming his or her way. He often saves people without them even knowing anything about it. I feel like I know more about the compassion of God than I know about the wrath or judgment of God. I’ve seen His amazing love first hand. I feel like His compassion is woven throughout The Word. Check this out…

1‘When Israel was a child, I loved him,

    and out of Egypt I called my son.

2 But the more they were called,

    the more they went away from me.

They sacrificed to the Baal’s

    and they burned incense to images.

3 It was I who taught Ephraim to walk,

    taking them by the arms;

but they did not realize

    it was I who healed them.

4 I led them with cords of human kindness,

    with ties of love.

To them I was like one who lifts

    a little child to the cheek,

    and I bent down to feed them. (Hosea 11:1-4 NIV)


I’ve never understood how someone could hurt a child. I see a child as a defenseless human, especially when they are up against an adult. The Lord has the power to punish and certainly destroy, but He chooses to gently love.

He has taught me all that I know.

He’s taught me how to love.

He’s taught me how to live.

He’s taught me how to give.

I can’t imagine my life without the compassion of God and certainly the amazing grace of God. I’m so very thankful for His heart of compassion and love.

Pressing On!