Garden of Goodness

planting gardenI love this time of year when the trees are getting their leaves back and gardens are being planted with all sorts of vegetables.  I love to see the multi-colored flowerbeds and the grass turn green. It’s spring and life returns to the vegetation that we see all around.  I learned a few years ago about “annual” and “perennial”.  The “annual” plant lives it’s life in one growing season. The perennial, under normal conditions, lives several growing seasons.  The Lord uses the plant analogy multiple times throughout scripture to describe our journey of faith. Hosea speaks against the people of Israel who have royally wrecked things. Check this out…

12 I said, ‘Plant goodness,

    harvest the fruit of loyalty,

    plow the new ground of knowledge.

Look for the Lord until he comes

    and pours goodness on you like water.’
13 But you have plowed evil

    and harvested trouble;

    you have eaten the fruit of your lies.

Because you have trusted in your own power

    and your many soldiers,
14 your people will hear the noise of battle,

    and all your strong,
 walled cities will be destroyed. (Hosea 10:12-14a NCV)

Every day that I live, I’m sowing seeds. I’m either sowing seeds of goodness and love, or seeds of harm and hatred. It’s my choice each day which seeds I will sow. My life example is also sowing seeds. I want my life to bear fruit for Creator God. I want people to notice Him because of my choices and me. I want to trust Him with my life decisions every single day.  I want my life to produce much fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Pressing On!