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I grew up watching both parents work. They came from a generation that knew a lot about working hard. My Dad drove a fuel truck for many years, delivering fuel to small stores and heating fuel to individuals. He would then come home and work on the small farm where we lived. My Mom worked hard as well, working a factory job sewing the binding on the leg of Fruit of the Loom underwear. She would come home and work at home.  I have learned the value of a good work ethic from my parents. They learned from their parents as well.  Solomon writes about the value of work and is pretty clear that we should enjoy our work. Check this out….

9 Do people really gain anything from their work?10 I saw the hard work God has given people to do.11 God has given them a desire to know the future. He does everything just right and on time, but people can never completely understand what he is doing.12 So I realize that the best thing for them is to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live.13 God wants all people to eat and drink and be happy in their work, which are gifts from God.14 I know that everything God does will continue forever. People cannot add anything to what God has done, and they cannot take anything away from it. God does it this way to make people respect him. (Ecclesiastes 3:9-14 NCV)

I actually have enjoyed my work over the years. I have not had a big bunch of jobs, but I do remember most all of them.  I first worked as a farm hand, hauling hay, working in the tobacco patch, whatever else needed to be done. I remember working as a night shift janitor for my uncle’s office as well as working at a fast-food restaurant. I also worked at a Nursing Home as the cook. I remember one job that I lasted two weeks. This guy hired me to work at his house. The drive was 45 minutes and the pay was very minimal and I realized that I was going the wrong direction financially, so I resigned (aka quit). I remember my first ministry at Crab Orchard Christian Church in Crab Orchard, TN. I still have fond memories of the people there. I served as Youth Minister in Maryville, TN at First Christian Church. I loved living there and the people were wonderful to me. I served as student pastor at Whitesburg Christian Church for 5 years before moving to Carrollton to serve First Christian Church for around 13 years. I served a little over 20 years in ministry and enjoyed my work. I left full time ministry to pursue a career in Real Estate in February 2003. On a side note: If I moved from Carroll County, GA, my custody situation with my three oldest children could be changed.  I continued serving as Worship Leader and I’m presently serving as Worship Pastor (part-time) at Southern Hills Christian Church in Carrollton, GA.

I started working with my brother who had recently started his own real estate firm. I’ve enjoyed working in Real Estate a lot. You get to meet people from all walks of life. You sometimes see their best and their worst. I see Real Estate as a serving profession. I help people find a house to serve as their home. I also help sell their house when a life-transition needs to happen.  In May 2010, my brother and I merged our company with the oldest real estate company in West Georgia to form Metro West Realty. I became the managing broker at the new firm.  I can say that the work is hard some days, but I love my work. I love the people I work with. I’ve gotten to know new people and I have the opportunity to encourage our agents in their work. I didn’t say that my job was without stress and frustration at times. I did say that I love my job, because I do.

I believe that we were created to work to provide for our family and honor our Creator. Those two courses of action are very fulfilling and rewarding.  I enjoy working, because at the end of the day, I go home to my family.

I believe hard work honors God. I don’t think we should work at the expense of our family or meaningful relationships. I think we should work in support of our families and meaningful relationships.

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