Fools Rush In

I was showing property yesterday and after looking at four properties, we kept going back to the one that my clients really want. The problem is that it might not be able to close before the tax credit deadline (under contract by April 30 and close by June 30, 2010). My client said, “I’d love to have that tax credit rebate, but I’d rather have the right house for my family, so I don’t intent to rush into this purchase.” I must say, I thought that to be a wise statement.

I’m a REALTOR and I’m in “sales” and the tax credit deadline is highly motivational to some, but as a buyers agent, I must look out for the best interests of my clients instead of putting a check mark by another sale. I do believe that some people with make a $100K or $200K mistake because they are motivated by a $8000/$6500 credit. Please don’t misunderstand – I make a living by selling homes. I just work and live near my clients and I don’t want them to look back and say that they made a mistake because they were pushed into a a quick decision on a house. I actually feel more pressure to show them all the options of homes available, so that their choice is easy and obvious – not rushed or hurried. I think that when we rush or hurry, we often make a mistake.

In the big scheme of things, buying a house is a major deal. I sure hope that all my clients can take advantage of this nice rebate check. Take your time choosing where you’ll live for the next 5, 10, 30 years!! It’s a big decision and probably should not be totally dependent on a tax credit!!

I’m just saying….

Press on!!

Dwayne Hicks

Realtor/ Associate Broker/Owner

United Country West Georgia Realty

Carrollton, GA

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