#Buy/SellSaturday- May 20, 2017


The final walk-through is your chance to ensure all negotiation requirements have been met, and that nothing is out of sorts before closing on escrow. Here’s the best way to approach it!

What to Check on a Final Walk Through

Living Room

First you will want to inspect ceilings, walls, and floors. They may look different now that they’re barren from when they were staged to look enticing. Turn on and off all the light switches to make sure they’re not stuck and do, in fact, connect to something. Even though it may be time consuming, test the heating and air conditioning, as those will be of dire importance to you soon enough.


In the kitchen, you’ll first want to check that all of the appliances are in working order. Also try out the garbage disposal and any exhaust fans, such as the one above the stove.


Throughout the house, check that the doors don’t squeak or wiggle off their hinges. Test all the outlets with a simple power cord or charger of some kind. Open and close all the windows.


What to keep an eye out for in the bathroom is pretty obvious. Inspect around all visible piping for leaks, cracks, puddles, etc. Also run the sink and tub water to make sure everything is running smoothly, no funny smells, etc. And don’t forget to flush the toilet!

Other Tips

People often forget to test the garage door opener. You’ll need that!

Check for things you though would be included. This could include appliances, lights, chandeliers, and so on.

Make sure the previous owners didn’t leave any trash, debris, stains, etc.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t do your final walk through right before it goes to escrow. Give yourself a night to sleep on it. This is about to be the biggest investment of your life! It’s okay to take your time!

Credit to: https://www.househunt.com/news-realestate/what-to-check-on-a-final-walk-through/


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