A New Normal

I had the opportunity to attend a Board of Realtors luncheon yesterday, February 17 where our honorable Senator Johnny Isackson was the guest speaker. He is a very humble yet articulate and sharp individual. He spoke at great length at the state of our economic situation here in the US and how Real Estate is affected. He was factual and encouraging. He gave his opinion as to the economic recovery timeline. He said that he believed it would take 5 – 7 years for complete recovery and then we would have a “new normal”.

The term “new normal” really made me think. I’m already in a “new normal”. I don’t ever want a repeat of where we were. In the Real Estate boon of 2005 – I think we all knew it wouldn’t last forever, but we sure lived and borrowed like it would! I’m leaner and smarter having gone through that. I no longer want to be enslaved to ridiculous car payments and consumer debt ever again.

My new normal is underway now. I’m gonna “live like no one else so I can REALLY LIVE like no one else”.

Dwayne Hicks

Associate Broker

United Country West Georgia Realty

Carrollton, GA

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