Trust with blue markerI can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a war-torn country. I live in Georgia and I find it hard to imagine if there were an invasion of an army from another country that was annihilating our beautiful state and country. I’m so grateful to the men and women of our armed forces that protect and defend our freedom and our borders. The Philistines were facing an invasion threat as the Babylonian empire was expanding into their neck of the woods. Check this out…

2 This is what the Lord says:

“See how the waters are rising in the north;

    they will become an overflowing torrent.

They will overflow the land and everything in it,

    the towns and those who live in them.

The people will cry out;

    all who dwell in the land will wail

3 at the sound of the hooves of galloping steeds,

    at the noise of enemy chariots

    and the rumble of their wheels.

Parents will not turn to help their children;

    their hands will hang limp. (Jeremiah 47:2-3 NIV)


The Philistines had served other gods. They did not serve Creator God. They served Dagon (a wooden carving) among others. The Lord was using Babylon to clean house.

I do believe that the Lord can punish evil today. I believe that He has a lot of options available to Him. I want to make sure that my heart is surrendered to His call on my life. I’ve given Him control over my life to lead me and direct my path. I’m not helpless at all because He is my help. He is my safe place. He has rescued me from me. I can rest with Him.

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