Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

There are things that happened yesterday that I can’t ever get back or change. There is today and I do have some say as to how today goes. I can control some of my choices and actions. Tomorrow is a different story. I’m not promised tomorrow, but I think it will come. I don’t know what tomorrow brings or what choices it will require – I just know I have today…right now.

 The promise of God is that He holds me in the palm of Hi s hand and He does control tomorrow and today. He is the same God today as He was yesterday. He will be the same God tomorrow that He is today and yesterday. Isaiah speaks to this – check this out….

 There was no God before me,

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
    and there will be no God after me.
11 I myself am the Lord;

    I am the only Savior.
12 I myself have spoken to you, saved you, and told you these things.

    It was not some foreign god among you.

You are my witnesses, and I am God,”

    says the Lord.
13 “I have always been God. 
No one can save people from my power;

    when I do something, no one can change it.”
18 The Lord says, “Forget what happened before,

    and do not think about the past.
19 Look at the new thing I am going to do.

    It is already happening. Don’t you see it?

I will make a road in the desert

    and rivers in the dry land.
20 Even the wild animals will be thankful to me—

    the wild dogs and owls.

They will honor me when I put water in the desert

    and rivers in the dry land
to give water to my people, the ones I chose.
21 The people I made

    will sing songs to praise me. (Isaiah 43:10b-13; 18-21 NCV)

 I am still learning to trust the Lord with today and tomorrow. He is powerful enough to help me navigate through anything. He had His hand in everything that was made and He can certainly change or do anything He wants. He is all-powerful and all-knowing and He is always present – no matter what my situation and circumstances. He helps me overcome my yesterday…and He was there too. He directs my path today and prepares me for my future.

I serve a God Who never gives up or quits. He never fails me even though I fail Him and give up on Him. He is faithful, present, gentle – yet so strong and mighty to save. I love the Lord my God and I want to live to show Him that in the present and future!

 Pressing On!

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