I place value on things I like or want. I place value on people that I love and trust. Those people and things are worthy of my attention and my time because I chose to value them.  God is worthy of our value because of Who He is first. He is Creator of All and He sustains it all.  He has also given value to me. He does great things in my life. He provides and protects me daily. He is so worthy. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
  8 The Lord is kind and shows mercy.
       He does not become angry quickly but is full of love.
 9 The Lord is good to everyone;
       he is merciful to all he has made.
 10 Lord, everything you have made will praise you;
       those who belong to you will bless you.
 11 They will tell about the glory of your kingdom
       and will speak about your power.
 12 Then everyone will know the mighty things you do
       and the glory and majesty of your kingdom.
 17 Everything the Lord does is right.
       He is loyal to all he has made.
 18 The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him,
       to all who truly pray to him.
 19 He gives those who respect him what they want.
       He listens when they cry, and he saves them.
 20 The Lord protects everyone who loves him,
       but he will destroy the wicked.
 21 I will praise the Lord.
       Let everyone praise his holy name forever. (Psalm 145:8-12; 17-21 NCV)

Where should my praise begin? Where could it possibly end?  I am hanging on the Lord because He has held on to me. He has been with me through the darkest of times. He comforted me with His Presence during those times. He has also been with me during the celebrations full of joy. He is the Creator of joy and the joy He puts in me is eternal not temporary.

He is so worthy of my praise, honor and my consistent obedience. I don’t ever want my relationship with Him to go south or sour. I want to consistently walk with Him all the rest of my life here on earth. I want to praise Him every morning for Who He is and the amazing things He’s done.  He’s worthy of more than I have or can give.

Pressing On!

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