Wise Enthusiasm

I’ve seen people enthused by the latest and greatest product that hits the shelves. In Mac World, there are millions of people enthused about the iPhone 5 that is supposed to be announced today.  What if Apple didn’t really have everything ready, but went forward with the announcement? What if there were people at Apple who were enthusiastically dumb? The company would loose millions of dollars and some of us Apple enthusiasts would be in trouble.  King Solomon speaks to this subject (not the iPhone, but enthusiasm). Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
2 Enthusiasm without knowledge is not good.
       If you act too quickly, you might make a mistake.
 3 People’s own foolishness ruins their lives,
       but in their minds they blame the Lord. (Proverbs 19:2-3 NCV)

I believe that enthusiasm is contagious. I respond to enthusiastic people!  As I’ve gotten older, I tend to look past the enthusiasm to see if the message they are presenting enthusiastically has substance and value.  There have been times that I’ve been sucked in to an enthusiastic “sales pitch” and a quick decision could cost me lots of hard-earned money.  A close “cousin” to enthusiasm is spontaneity!  Spontaneity is often based on the emotion of enthusiasm.

As a marketer, I’m learning to use enthusiasm wisely.  I try to make sure that there is substance behind my enthusiasm.  I need to check my enthusiastic message against the “truth meter”.  My enthusiasm needs to be constantly seasoned with wisdom. There is a time to subdue my enthusiasm.  I think wise enthusiasm is a good thing. I want to be profoundly wise in everything I do. I want my enthusiasm to have merit and substance – every time. I want my spontaneity to flow out of wisdom and deep understanding, not foolish whims!

Pressing On!
PS. I will be researching the iPhone like crazy after the announcement to see if there is really something behind the hype and enthusiasm of the moment!

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