Wired For One

I believe that Love is the most significant of emotions that the Lord wired me with. He made me in His image or likeness. I also believe He wired my heart to be like His. He wired me to love deeply and serve others.  I believe that God wired me to love my wife. Check this out…

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
  8 There may be sixty queens and eighty slave women
       and so many girls you cannot count them,
 9 but there is only one like my dove, my perfect one.
       She is her mother’s only daughter,
       the brightest of the one who gave her birth.
    The young women saw her and called her happy;
       the queens and the slave women also praised her.
 10 Who is that young woman
       that shines out like the dawn?
    She is as pretty as the moon,
       as bright as the sun,
       as wonderful as an army flying flags. (Song of Solomon 6:8-10 NCV)

I am still learning to love deeper every day. The more I learn about God the more I learn about love. I’ve learned that love is giving of myself to others. I’ve learned that giving time to others is an act of love.  I’m learning that I’m wired to love my wife deeply. I’m wired and created for one life with one wife!  When I learn to love like the Lord, I’m reflecting His Presence in me in a most powerful way!

Pressing On!

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