Wash Up

There are times when I’m working outside in the yard and it’s time for lunch. The first thing to do before sitting down to lunch is to “wash up”.  My hands are soiled from work and should be clean before touching the food I’m about to eat.  Now, if I were going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, I would need to do more than just wash my hands. I would shower and put on nice clothes to go out.

Isaiah begins his book with speaking about my behavior and how it matters before God.  I need to be aware that my behavior shapes how God views me. I can talk a good talk all day, but if my actions are not consistent with what I say then I’m not clean. Check this out….

 15 When you raise your arms to me in prayer,
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
       I will refuse to look at you.
    Even if you say many prayers,
       I will not listen to you,
    because your hands are full of blood.
 16 Wash yourselves and make yourselves clean.
       Stop doing the evil things I see you do.
    Stop doing wrong.
 17 Learn to do good.
    Seek justice.
       Punish those who hurt others.
    Help the orphans.
       Stand up for the rights of widows.”
 18 The Lord says,
       “Come, let us talk about these things.
    Though your sins are like scarlet,
       they can be as white as snow.
    Though your sins are deep red,
       they can be white like wool. (Isaiah 1:15-18 NCV)

 He gives several instructions in this passage. Along with washing up, we should stop doing wrong and we should be proactive in standing on behalf of others.  Even though we’ve done bad things, our behavior is not beyond His reach. He can take the dirtiest of persons and make them clean. God is in the people cleaning business. I was introduced to God’s Grace and I’m “floored” by His reach.  No matter what I’ve done or how bad I’ve been, He can rescue me from sin!

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