When I hear the word vision, I’m thinking of sight, or seeing clearly.  I’m not necessarily thinking of the eye doctor. There is a definition of vision that speaks to literally seeing both literally and figuratively. The ability to foresee the future of my business and where it could go and what it could look like has to do with my vision as a leader. There is also the type of vision that sees something that is surreal or supernatural. I’m not sure that I’ve had a “vision from God” or not. After reading some the first chapter of Ezekiel, I pretty sure I’ve never had that kind of vision before. Check this out….

 3 The Lord spoke his word to Ezekiel son of Buzi in the land of the Babylonians by the Kebar River. There he felt the power of the Lord….
28 The surrounding glow looked like the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day. It seemed to look like the glory of the Lord. So when I saw it, I bowed facedown on the ground and heard a voice speaking. (Ezekiel 1:3,28 NCV)

 I thought that John had some pretty strange visions in Revelation, but Ezekiel had an even wilder ride. He saw creatures with 4-sided heads and wheels inside of wheels. He obviously saw things that he simply could not describe. I believe if the Lord let me take a glimpse of His glory or inside heaven itself, I would probably try to describe things with words that were beyond description. I believe that for Ezekiel to write down what he saw was a great attempt as describing the indescribable.

I want to know God in such a way that when I see a vision of Him I won’t be shocked or deeply disturbed. I want to see Him in His creation. I want to see Him in others. I don’t want to fear meeting Him or being with Him throughout eternity. I believe Ezekiel had such an experience that he was almost speechless. I’m pretty sure I would be. I can hardly put into words a deeply moving time of worship and communion with the Lord, let alone a vision of Him.

I want to see clearly Who God is and all that He is doing. If or when I see a vision, I want to be able to take it in and know that it’s of Him and about Him. I want to see Him throughout my day today and every day. I want to know that I’m right in step with where He wants me.

 Pressing On!

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