This is a core value to me as well as many other people. I usually assume that everyone I meet or work with are trustworthy people. I guess maybe that I’m a bit optimistic. A trustworthy person is a person able to be relied upon to be honest and truthful. 

Over the years I’ve really hammered this point to my children. Being honest is the  MOST important part of my character. I hate lying. I get more frustrated when a person lies to me than at any other time.  David speaks to this when describing the people who will work for him and live in his house. Check this out….

6 I will look for trustworthy people
       so I can live with them in the land.
    Only those who live innocent lives
       will be my servants.
 7 No one who is dishonest will live in my house;
       no liars will stay around me. (Psalm 101:6-7 NCV)

I believe it’s very important for me to model honesty at home, at work and at play. There are so many times when it seems easy to shade the truth or go around it rather than simply speak it. I love the angle that one person took; “if you don’t ever tell a lie, you don’t have to remember what you said.

My Mom & Dad always taught me “honesty is always the best policy”. I believe that it served me well. If someone is dishonest, how can a trusting relationship ever be built or grow at all. I believe honesty speaks to the core of all relationships big or small, personal or corporate. The truth is not always popular, but it’s still always the truth!

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