Three-Word Prayer

There are people who pray really long beautiful prayers. I’ve also heard simple prayers that aren’t so eloquent.  I think the Lord loves simple, conversational type prayers.  I’ve got to remember that He’s looking at my heart more than He’s listening to my words.  The women of Moab prayed a pretty simple prayer out of desperation. The prayer boils down to three words. Check this out…

 3 They say: “Help us.
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
       Tell us what to do.
    Protect us from our enemies
       as shade protects us from the noon sun.
    Hide us, because we are running for safety!
       Don’t give us to our enemies.
 4 Let those of us who were forced out of Moab live in your land.
       Hide us from our enemies.” (Isaiah 16:3-4 NCV)

 Simple prayers always stay “on point”.  My most desperate moments call for simple prayers. In calmer moments of life when I’m praying, I begin with Thanks for how God has blessed and what those blessings are.  I know for a fact that I have prayed a prayer similar to these Moabite women.  Their prayer could be boiled down to “Help, Protect & Hide”. It’s a simple prayer, but covers the situation they are in and reveals to me their faith.

I need the Lord to Help me be faithful to Him. I need the Lord to Protect me from sin and the evil one who wants to destroy me. I need Him to Hide me in His Presence. I want to feel Him close to me like a baby feels close to his mother. I need the Lord to be my Help and my Shield.

Simple prayers are always the best. They are most genuine and real. They are not filled with “filler words”. They are much more conversational and I think God really likes simple prayers.  After all, we are really “simple minded” when we are in His Presence.

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