Those Who Trust

One of my favorite songs for worship is a song by a band called Waterdeep. They have written many songs for worship and one of such song is called Those Who Trust.  I think some of the words come from Psalm 125. Check this out…

1 Those who trust the Lord are like Mount Zion,
       which sits unmoved forever.
 2 As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
       the Lord surrounds his people
       now and forever.
 3 The wicked will not rule
       over those who do right.
    If they did, the people who do right
       might use their power to do evil.
 4 Lord, be good to those who are good,
       whose hearts are honest.
 5 But, Lord, when you remove those who do evil,
       also remove those who stop following you.
    Let there be peace in Israel. (Psalm 125:1-5 NCV)

 The song is pretty bluesy and fun and the message is so simple yet powerful. Check this out…

 Those who trust in the Lord
Are a strong mountain
They will not…not be moved
Those who trust in the Lord
Are as Mount Zion
They will not…not be moved
Christ the King, He sets my feet
On a firm foundation
They will not…not be moved
Though the world moves like mad
You alone are faithful
Jesus, you, you will not be changed

01 Those Who Trust

Trust is a simple concept and quite easy to talk about. It’s altogether different to live out because it very fragile and delicate. Trust between me and others can be broken rather easily but is hard to restore. I’m thankful that God made a way through Jesus so that I can restore my trust in Him and His trust in me. He is so patient with me as I work out my “trust issues”.  I have learned to trust Him because of His Presence in my life on this journey. It is still a daily experience. I want to be like a tree planted by the water with it’s roots down deeply connected to the Source of Life.

Pressing On!

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