The Right Help

I’ve had many occasions to ask for help of someone else. I’ve learned over the years the things I don’t know as well as the things I don’t know how to do. I’m aware that it’s in my DNA as a man to NOT ask for directions. I’ve learned some hard lessons on that one too.  I think that the Lord has taught me to ask Him for directions. He’s taught me to ask Him and consult with Him on everything.  Isaiah speaks to the people of Israel when they go to the wrong place for help. Check this out…

 4 The Lord says this to me:
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
“When a lion or a lion’s cub kills an animal to eat
     it stands over the dead animal and roars.
A band of shepherds

    may be assembled against it,
but the lion will not be afraid of their yelling

    or upset by their noise.
So the Lord All-Powerful will come down

    to fight on Mount Zion and on its hill.
5 The Lord All-Powerful will defend Jerusalem

    like birds flying over their nests.
He will defend and save it;

    he will ‘pass over’ and save Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 31:4-5 NCV)

 I think today it’s easy to “consult” with a professional in a particular field. It’s easy to go seek the council of an attorney. I believe that before doing anything, I should seek the council of the Lord. He will direct me to the right attorney or to the right council here in my world. He has my best interest at heart and He wants to be my “first call” for help. The LORD is the RIGHT HELP to call FIRST – every time.  He knows the spot I’m in. He knows what I need. He knows where I am. He knows all about me. He is the best One to call first. He is my Counselor, my Defender, my HELP in any situation.

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