The Law

legal gavel, scales and law bookI’m very aware of many of the laws of these United States. I’m also aware of many of the laws of the state of Georgia where I live. I do know that there are laws that I’m not aware of both Federal and State level laws. There are a lot of laws that seemed like a good idea at the time, but enforcement of them is pretty tough.  For example, A United States federal law makes it illegal to issue a fake Weather Bureau forecast. Source: 18 U.S.C. � 2074)  Most laws offer protection from harm by individuals or corporations upon one another, or to protect the violation of another’s rights.

The Lord explains the reasons for His laws and rules for His people. He places boundaries around us for our protection. The evil one wants to destroy us in more ways than one.   Check this out….

9 But I acted for the sake of my name so it would not be dishonored in full view of the nations where the Israelites lived. I made myself known to the Israelites with a promise to bring them out of Egypt while the nations were watching. 10 So I took them out of Egypt and brought them into the desert. 11 I gave them my rules and told them about my laws, by which people will live if they obey them. 12 I also gave them my Sabbaths to be a sign between us so they would know that I am the Lord who made them holy. (Ezekiel 20:9-12 NCV)

The Lord is consistent regarding obedience. He commands it and demands obedience. He is the Supreme Authority over us, because He created us, and the earth on which we live. He created the physical laws; spiritual laws…all the laws that He issued had a reason behind them. He would rather have me obey His Word than to worship Him on Sunday. He would rather have me obey His Word than pretend that I’m the nicest guy in town. The Lord wants my obedience-period. My obedience screams out my respect for Him and His Word. My obedience screams out my allegiance and love for Him. My obedience comes with a promise of abundant life here and eternal life after this.

I want to simply walk in obedience to the Lord every day I live – because I want the life that is really life – eternal!

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