The Great War

Daniel is a wise and devoted follower of God. He received a vision of The Great War between the North & the South. Now it is NOT the Civil war of these United States. It was, however a war among the kings that were rising quickly in power and taking over regional cities and building an empire of sorts.

warFor a while the king of the South would have momentum and win, but then, the king of the North would rally and beat the king of the South. These kings were very worldly and did not follow the Lord or seek His council.  These kings were arrogant and prideful and God doesn’t like that. Check this out….

36 “The king of the North will do whatever he wants. He will brag about himself and praise himself and think he is even better than a god. He will say things against the God of gods that no one has ever heard. And he will be successful until all the bad things have happened. Then what God has planned to happen will happen.
37 The king of the North will not care about the gods his ancestors worshiped or the god that women worship. He won’t care about any god. Instead, he will make himself more important than any god. 38 The king of the North will worship power and strength, which his ancestors did not worship. He will honor the god of power with gold and silver, expensive jewels and gifts.
44 But the king of the North will hear news from the east and the north that will make him afraid and angry. He will go to destroy completely many nations. 45 He will set up his royal tents between the sea and the beautiful mountain where the holy Temple is built. But, finally, his end will come, and no one will help him. (Daniel 11:36-38; 44-45 NCV)

There have always been battles and conflicts somewhere in the world. Some have been World Wars and some have been regional conflicts. Some are started when a leader thinks more of himself than he ought.  Some conflicts come out of desperation and frustration.  There are times when I’m in agreement that we must fight for our convictions and we must fight to protect and preserve our countries freedoms. I don’t ever want to fight a battle that the Lord doesn’t lead us.  I believe that we should always seek the council of the ONE Who will be standing when every great war if over.  He is the ONLY ONE we can count on to be there in the end. Sometimes the war is raging inside of me – the battle for my heart and my obedience. The battle inside me is between Good and evil.  My choices daily reflect which side I’m choosing. I want to follow Him all the days of my life and trust Him with the outcome of all these crazy times.

Pressing On!

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