The End Is In Sight

concept of uncertainty of the futureThere are times when “The End” is disappointing  – like the end of a good movie, or the end of good concert. There are times when “The End” is welcomed – like a really bad movie, concert or bad day on the job. This list could go on and on.  God is still rolling out punishment on the nations who mistreated Israel or became so full of pride. Egypt is next on the list. Check this out….

19 So this is what the Lord God says: I will give the land of Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. He will take away Egypt’s people and its wealth and its treasures as pay for his army. 20 I am giving Nebuchadnezzar the land of Egypt as a reward for working hard for me, says the Lord God.
21 “At that time I will make Israel grow strong again, and I will let you, Ezekiel, speak to them. Then they will know that I am the Lord.” (Ezekiel 29:19-21 NCV)

I love that last verse, where He speaks of restoring Israel again. There are times when I feel beat down and defeated. I’m not optimistic about anything – the Lord can change my circumstances with very little notice. He can change my outlook and fill me with hope and optimism!

I heard a cliché several years ago that says, “this too shall pass”. It implies that my present circumstance is subject to change pretty quickly. Good situations can change to bad or bad to good. Either way, I need to learn to trust the Lord more completely with my present circumstances and my future. I want to follow Him and trust Him whether the end is in sight or not.

Pressing On!

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