The Best Plan

I like to plan things out and then work the plan. Please don’t misunderstand I love spontaneity as well. I actually love “planned spontaneity” the best. It feels like you’re “winging” it, but there is method behind the madness.

I have plans for today. I have put items on my agenda that I plan to get done. I believe it’s smart to organize and plan your day. I believe that our time is the most precious commodity that we touch on a daily basis. I don’t want it wasted or misused.  I know that there are days and hours that appear to be wasted. In fact, I think there should to be some time in my day that is for rest.  Solomon speaks to planning and the plan of God. Check this out…

10 Whatever happens was planned long ago.
       Everyone knows what people are like.
    No one can argue with God,
       who is stronger than anyone.
 11 The more you say,
       the more useless it is.
       What good does it do?
 12 People have only a few useless days of life on the earth; their short life passes like a shadow. Who knows what is best for them while they live? Who can tell them what the future will bring? (Ecclesiastes 6:10-12 NCV)

 I believe that the best plan is God’s plan. He is ultimately the One in control of whatever plan I have. I think the best-laid plans without Him leading are foolish. He is the One who holds my life in His hand.  His plans for me are always best even when I don’t understand how. He sees the big picture of my life and my influence and I see this small snapshot of life here on earth.

 It makes sense to me that the Creator of my life knows the best plan for my life!

 Pressing On!

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