I’ve never worshiped at a Temple. I have worshiped God at church and as a kid I associated worship with a place instead of a person. The Jewish people worshiped God in the Temple. After Jesus came and introduced Grace, Mercy and Honor to replace the Rules, Regulations and Ritual – things were quite different.

Paul speaks to our bodies as a Temple where God dwells.  The sons of Korah penned  a Psalm longing for the presence of God back in the Temple. Check this out…

10 One day in the courtyards of your Temple is better
       than a thousand days anywhere else.
    I would rather be a doorkeeper in the Temple of my God
       than live in the homes of the wicked.
 11 The Lord God is like a sun and shield;
       the Lord gives us kindness and honor.
    He does not hold back anything good
       from those whose lives are innocent.
 12 Lord All-Powerful,
       happy are the people who trust you! (Psalm 84:10-12 NCV)

I believe that this is a great prayer for me to pray as I see my body as a dwelling place for God. He brings kindness and honor. He brings peace and protection. His presence changes everything!

As I make choices today and every day, I need to be reminded that my body that I have been given charge of, is a place where God wants to dwell. Sometimes that’s hard to remember.

Pressing On!

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