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I became a student as soon as I was born. I started to learn things from my parents. I must have remembered to cry when hungry. I learned to talk and walk. I learned so much more when I started school, which exists for the purpose of helping kids learn. I must confess that I haven’t always loved school. I went to college after high school and got a Bachelor Degree in Ministry. I started my ministry career at a little church in Crab Orchard, TN in 1982. I moved from there in 1983 to become a full-time youth minster at First Christian Church in Maryville, TN. I moved to Georgia in 1986 to become the first full time youth minister at Whitesburg Christian Church. I started my Masters Degree in my 5th year of ministry there. In 1991 I became the youth minister at First Christian Church in Carrollton, GA. I graduated from the University of West Georgia (then known as West Georgia College) with a Master of Education in Guidance & Counseling. I must say that this was a very practical degree for student ministry and for life in general. I learned to become a helper/teacher.  I started teaching Introduction to Youth Ministry that same year at Atlanta Christian College. I loved seeing students grasp the concepts that I was teaching. Teaching is very fulfilling when students actually learn concepts that improve their life’s journey.

This morning I realized that while I love teaching others, I will always be a student.  Check this out…

 The Lord God gave me the ability to teach
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”

    so that I know what to say to make the weak strong.

Every morning he wakes me.

    He teaches me to listen like a student.
The Lord God helps me learn,

    and I have not turned against him

    nor stopped following him. (Isaiah 50:4-5 NCV)

 I left full-time student ministry to become a REALTOR early in 2003. It’s a long story, but I needed to stay in Carroll County, GA. I have found that as a REALTOR, I’m still a teacher. I’m educating buyers about the process of buying a house, which by the way, it much different than buying a car. I get to share with them the value of a good offer and contract. I also speak to buyers about inspecting a house, the loan process, the closing process, etc.…  I also work with sellers and I find myself teaching them about the market conditions in our area. I try to teach them to see their home as a buyer instead of a seller who may be emotionally attached to the home. I still love seeing clients and customers learn a new idea or concept. The bottom line – I love teaching.

I was reminded most of all this morning of my role as a student. I would be nothing without the Lord. He has been with me through some dark and trying times in my life and He’s always teaching me His perspective on my situation. By the way, my struggles and troubles look way different from His view.  I love starting my morning with the Word of God that He uses to teach me more about Him. I want to be a student of the Lord the rest of my days on earth.  I will continue to teach with my life, but only after I’ve learned from the Master Teacher!

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