This term comes from the word strong. Strength is relative in many ways. I can show great strength in some ways and great weakness in other things. To me this word speaks to the Creative process of God and His ability to move things and make things happen. He has strength that I simply don’t understand. I am inspired by the strength He possesses and displays so often. He wants me to be strong and steady too. Check this out….

13 Your arm has great power.
       Your hand is strong; your right hand is lifted up.
 14 Your kingdom is built on what is right and fair.
       Love and truth are in all you do.


 15 Happy are the people who know how to praise you.
       Lord, let them live in the light of your presence.
 16 In your name they rejoice
       and continually praise your goodness. (Psalm 89:13-16 NCV)

To me there is great strength in chasing after the heart of God even when my circumstances are tough. I should pursue His heart in spite of what is happening around me. I should lean on Him for strength in situations where I find myself weak and vulnerable to sin’s clutches. I want my life to be built on His strength and His power that lives in me through the Holy Spirit. I need His strength to fight off sin. I need the strength of God daily in my life!

Pressing On!

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