There are things that I take for granted every day. The ability to stand, to walk, run, type, write and too many to mention. I was reminded this week after a visit to Warm Springs with my family, how tough life was for Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He was struck in the prime of his life with the debilitating disease of polio. The fight he had to wage just to be able to stand and walk a few steps was amazing.  This passage in Ezekiel reminded me to stand differently – not just physically, but for my convictions. Check this out…

He said to me, “Human, stand up on your feet so I may speak with you.” 2 While he spoke to me, the Spirit entered me and put me on my feet. Then I heard the Lord speaking to me.
4 I am sending you to people who are stubborn and who do not obey. You will say to them, ‘This is what the Lord God says.’ 5 They may listen, or they may not, since they are a people who have turned against me. But they will know that a prophet has been among them. (Ezekiel 2:1-2;4-5 NCV)

Standing in the face of opposition is not easy. Ezekiel was about to be tested in a big way. He had the Presence of God in him, so he could be brave and strong. I love the part where the Lord tells him straight up, “Don’t Be Afraid”. I think sometimes the reason I don’t stand is that I’m afraid. I’m afraid of people making fun of me, or the words I speak.  I need to stand with boldness and conviction for what I believe and know.  I believe in the Lord with all I am, I now just need to live it out daily. I need to stand up for what I believe and stand out from others who say one thing and do another.  I’m going to consistently stand up for what I believe and not waiver or move off of that.

I love the words to this song from Hillsong Church in Syndney, Austrailia:

I’ll Stand – with arms high and heart abandoned
in AWE of the One Who gave His life for me
I’ll stand – my soul Lord to You surrendered
all I am is Yours!
Pressing On!

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