Central Leaping Lion

I’ve gone to all the Central High School Football games this year. I must say that it’s easier to sit in the stands and cheer the players on than it would be to suit up and join them on the field. They are playing hard and appear to me to be well coached. I often have several opinions about how I would do things, but then again I’m 30+ years older than the players.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m not a good spectator because I often analyzed the trained officials on the field and I often see things that they miss and I miss things that they see. That doesn’t stop me from reminding them that I saw the call they missed.   I’m reminded that my presence as a “booster and fan” does matter to the students and coaches actively participating in the game. Check this out…

  3 All you people of the world, look!
       Everyone who lives in the world, look!
    You will see a banner raised on a mountain.
       You will hear a trumpet sound.
 4 The Lord said to me,
       “I will quietly watch from where I live,
    like heat in the sunshine,
       like the dew in the heat of harvest time.” (Isaiah 18:3-4 NCV)

It appears to me that the Lord in this passage is going to be a spectator. I need Him to be actively involved in my daily life. I need His leadership and guidance through decisions that come my way daily. I don’t want Him to be a spectator in my life. I want Him to be an active participant in my life and my everyday activities.  Part of the reason I’m a spectator at the football game is that I have a son involved as a band member and they are actively involved in the game with music that excites the players and in spires the players to. I guess we all playing a role that can affect the outcome of the game because the ones playing the game are aware and appreciate their band and their fans.  I want to be a participant of what the Lord has in store for my life story.

 Pressing On!

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