Serious Truth

There are times when the Word is light and simple. There are other times when it’s heavy and complex.  The quest to find truth is simple, yet it’s not easy. I believe that Truth is found in a person – Jesus. He is the access to God, The Father. Living out the Truth I’ve found is pretty tough on most days.  Check this out…

1 It is better to have respect than good perfume.
“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
    The day of death is better than the day of birth.
 2 It is better to go to a funeral
       than to a party.
    We all must die,
       and everyone living should think about this.
 3 Sorrow is better than laughter,
       and sadness has a good influence on you.
 4 A wise person thinks about death,
       but a fool thinks only about having a good time.
 5 It is better to be criticized by a wise person
       than to be praised by a fool.
 6 The laughter of fools
       is like the crackling of thorns in a cooking fire.
       Both are useless.
 7 Even wise people are fools
       if they let money change their thinking.
 8 It is better to finish something
       than to start it.
    It is better to be patient
       than to be proud.
 9 Don’t become angry quickly,
       because getting angry is foolish. (Ecclesiastes 7:1-9 NCV)

The Truth is consistent even when I’m inconsistent. The Truth is absolute, yet I sometimes try to make it relative.  I think this passage is incredibly sobering as it speaks of death. I was just at the funeral home on behalf of a friend who is burying his wife later today. Death is very sobering and I would do well to give it some thought as I live my life – this previous vapor. I also see so many other wise things that Solomon reminds me of: wisdom is from the Lord. When I’m seeking Truth, I will find wisdom as well. Wisdom and Truth go hand in hand through life. I need larges doses of each!

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