Say It – Shout It – Sing It

I believe that most people love to talk. I enjoy talking about my family or my stuff. I know what I know from my life experiences. I certainly don’t know everything, but I know some things. I actually know some things that don’t work because I’ve experienced failure.  I’m not a fan of people who “know it all”.  I do enjoy learning new concepts every day.  I think one of the reasons I enjoy my time in the Word each morning is that I learn something new about the Lord or I gain a deeper understanding of His character, His attributes…His heart.   Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
2 God is the one who saves me;
       I will trust him and not be afraid.
    The Lord, the Lord gives me strength and makes me sing.
       He has saved me.
 3 You will receive your salvation with joy
       as you would draw water from a well.
 4 At that time you will say,
    “Praise the Lord and worship him.
       Tell everyone what he has done
       and how great he is.
 5 Sing praise to the Lord, because he has done great things.
       Let all the world know what he has done.
 6 Shout and sing for joy, you people of Jerusalem,
       because the Holy One of Israel does great things before your eyes.” (Isaiah 12:2-6 NCV)

 I love this passage because of the declarations contained and my response to those declarations. I enjoy music. I love listening to music. I enjoy singing along with music. I think music expressing my heart in such a way that words can’t touch. Words certainly can help me be specific in my worship, but music can be so eloquent, expressive and passionate.

When I stop and reflect on what God has done and is doing in my life and in my word, I can’t help but be grateful. I want to speak about His Mercy, I want to shout out my gratitude for Grace and I want to sing to Him and sing about Him.  He inspires my words, my songs & my life!

 Pressing On!

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