Safe Place

protected houseThere are times when it’s crazy around me. I see all sorts of people doing all sorts of different things and it really appears chaotic. I know the Lord, so I believe that there is order in this world – even when there appears to be none. He is the Creator of the world and the One who sustains it.

I believe that following Him is a daily decision. It’s not a “one and done” decision. I must choose to follow Him today and all through out today and every day after that as well. Every day is a valley of decision. If I’m consistent in my decision to follow Him, then when chaos abounds around me, I can still make the clear and right decision. Check out Joel’s take on the valley of decision….

14 There are huge numbers of people

    in the Valley of Decision,

because the Lord’s day of judging is near

    in the Valley of Decision.
15 The sun and the moon will become dark,

    and the stars will stop shining.
16 The Lord will roar like a lion from Jerusalem;

    his loud voice will thunder from that city,

    and the sky and the earth will shake.

But the Lord will be a safe place for his people,

    a strong place of safety for the people of Israel. (Joel 3:14-16 NCV)

The Lord is full of strength and He makes me strong when I’m weak. He makes the path clear when I’m confused. He forgives me when I’m wrong and I’ve made stupid choices. He is the Faithful Friend of friends. He epitomizes friendship. He is a safe place for me to be no matter what comes next. Today and every day I’m hanging on to Him, my Rock, my Redeemer and my Savior.

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