Rules For Rulers

The word " integrity"I have been taught since I was a youngster to show respect and honor to those who are in authority over us. I’ve tried to teach my children the same principle. I should show respect to the President of the United States as well as the President of a company. I may not agree with all that they do or stand for, but I can show respect for the office that they hold. There are proper ways to show disagreement and dissent.

The Lord speaks out to Ezekiel regarding the behavior of rulers. Check this out…

9 “‘This is what the Lord God says: You have gone far enough, you rulers of Israel! Stop being cruel and hurting people, and do what is right and fair. Stop forcing my people out of their homes, says the Lord God. 10 You must have honest scales, an honest dry measurement and an honest liquid measurement. (Ezekiel 45:9-10 NCV)

I would love to see authorities over me chose honesty and integrity every time as core principle with which they lead. I would love to see the school board members to the county commissioners, to the law enforcement, congressional representatives all the way to the President display honesty and integrity in each and ever decision made that affects others.

There needs to be a code by which we live by and honor. If we all follow the code of honesty and integrity, we can respect and understand one another. We can accept that at times we are in the role of follower and at other times we are in the role of rule/leader. Honesty and Integrity should NEVER go out of style!

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