Rise & Fall

The new artist comes on the scene with a big hit song and their start starts rising to the top.  Their fame and fortune start growing. Then, all of a sudden, their popularity starts falling off and the second single doesn’t do so well and they plummet to a place where “one hit wonders” dwell. I’ve heard that this story is repeated quite often. In fact it happens, not just in the music world, but also in all of life. I’ve experienced success only to have it fall off. I’ve experienced what I thought was failure that turned into success just because I didn’t quit.

Israel & Judah were not in charge of their destiny – God was. Their destiny was directly related to their obedience. Check this out….

20The Lord says,

    “At that time people will try to find Israel’s guilt,

    but there will be no guilt. 
People will try to find Judah’s sins,

    but no sins will be found,

because I will leave a few people alive from Israel and Judah,

    and I will forgive their sins.
33 This is what the Lord All-Powerful says:
“The people of Israel

    and Judah are slaves.
The enemy took them as prisoners
    and won’t let them go.
34 But God is strong and will buy them back.

    His name is the Lord All-Powerful.

He will surely defend them with power

    so he can give rest to their land.

    But he will not give rest to those living in Babylon.” (Jeremiah 50:20,33-34 NCV)
I love the fact that when God’s people return to Him, He rescues them. The Lord is responsible for their rise and fall because it’s directly connected to obedience.  I believe that my journey of peaks and valleys is directly connected to my faithful obedience to the Lord. He is steady and sure. He is the Anchor that I can hang on to. He is all-powerful. He is all knowing. He is gentle and He is strong. He is wise and discerning. I want my journey to rise and fall with Him always leading and pointing the way. He is simply the One in charge of my life.
 Pressing On!

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