I’ve been reminded many times that right is right and wrong is wrong. That statement is not super profound, but it is accurate. There are times in life when we try to justify our behavior and make bad behavior seem good. I am guilty of this because I try to make myself look good even if I sin badly.   Sometimes doing the right thing will be a lonely place to be – but I should still do the right thing.  When I live right, God is pleased as punch. Check this out…

2 They have treated me badly all my life,
       but they have not defeated me.
 3 Like farmers plowing, they plowed over my back,
       making long wounds.
 4 But the Lord does what is right;
       he has set me free from those wicked people. (Psalm 129:2-4 NCV)

 I need to be free from people who simply want to defeat me and beat me down. If they beat me down, they think it makes them look good.  God is the one who can help me stay on the right path in spite of those who hurt me. He is the One who keeps me from being defeated. I can’t imagine life without Him. He has my back and He always does what is right.  He heals my wounds that are caused by others. He is Healer and Protector. If I ever need to know what is right, I can look to Him because He is ALWAYS right!

Pressing On!

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