RescurerI’m so thankful for people who rescue others. The Police are my protector in many ways as they seek to enforce the law and stop people from violent crimes against others. The Firefighter is there to rescue me from danger and destruction. The Firefighter is a first-responder along with the EMT to rescue me if I’m in an accident. I’ve needed to be rescued from many things along the way of my life. I’m always grateful to the rescuer.

The Lord is the ultimate Rescuer & First Responder! He rescues me from sin that easily entangles and trips me up. He rescues me from others who want to hurt me. In Nahum He is setting up the rescue of His people. Check this out…

1 The destroyer is coming to attack you, Nineveh.

    Guard the defenses.

    Watch the road.

    Get ready.

    Gather all your strength!
2 Destroyers have destroyed God’s people

    and ruined their vines,
but the Lord will bring back Jacob’s greatness

    like Israel’s greatness. (Nahum 2:1-2 NCV)

The Lord is my Rescuer. It may look like things are very, very bad but He can change the circumstances in an instant! He can take bad situations and make good things come out of it in a millisecond. He is my Hope for rescue from dire circumstances and deep struggle.  As I seek His face and His heart in the midst of deep struggle, He will show me the way out. His strength is perfect when I have none. He never needs to rest or take a day off. He is always in rescue mode. The evil one is always in destroy mode and the Lord is always in a saving mode.

I need rescued from myself and my selfish wants and desires on a daily basis. It is too easy to walk in a way that leads to destruction. It takes my being alert to my surroundings to walk with Him on the path to salvation. He is my Rescuer and My Guide and I’m so grateful for His Presence!

Pressing On!

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