Rescue & Protect

I love true stories where a rescue happens that saves the lives of others. It is super intense to watch, but I love it when the rescue is successful and lives are saved. I especially think of our military men and women how they rescue one another as well as people they don’t know. They also protect one another and people they don’t know.  The Psalmist offers a prayer for protection and rescue. Check this out….

 6 I said to the Lord, “You are my God.”
       Lord, listen to my prayer for help.
 7 Lord God, my mighty savior,
       you protect me in battle.
 8 Lord, do not give the wicked what they want.
       Don’t let their plans succeed,
       or they will become proud.
12 I know the Lord will get justice for the poor
       and will defend the needy in court.
 13 Good people will praise his name;
       honest people will live in his presence. (Psalm 140:6-8; 12-13 NCV)

 I need both to be rescued and protected. I need rescued from sin that so easily trips me up. I need protected from sin. I know that when I seek the Lord, He will do both. He even sends me warnings of the traps of sin.

As I journey through this life, I realize that while I try to rescue and protect my children as they grow up. I need the same rescue and protection from my Father. It is so easy to stumble into the traps of the evil one.  I want to be in the Presence of the Lord safe from the traps of sin.

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