Repentant Heart

The word repentant means “the feeling or expression of sincere regret and remorse”. A repentant heart gets God’s attention because it’s moldable and shapeable to His will and His way. A rebellious heart is exactly the opposite – one that follows the flesh instead of the Spirit.  Jeremiah closes Lamentation with a repentant prayer on behalf of his people. The repentant tone is obvious. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 14 The elders no longer sit at the city gates;

    the young men no longer sing.
15 We have no more joy in our hearts;

    our dancing has turned to sadness.
16 The crown has fallen from our head.

    How terrible it is because we sinned.
17 Because of this we are afraid,

    and now our eyes are dim.
18 Mount Zion is empty,

    and wild dogs wander around it.
19 But you rule forever, Lord.

    You will be King from now on.
20 Why have you forgotten us for so long?

    Have you left us forever?
21 Bring us back to you, Lord, and we will return.

    Make our days as they were before,
22 or have you completely rejected us?

    Are you so angry with us? (Lamentations 5:14-22 NCV)

 I need a repentant heart today and every day. I can try as hard as I want; yet I still sin and fall short of the mark. I simply can’t live a sinless life – but I can still try to honor the Lord with my life. I can still have that as a goal. With every choice and every decision, I can check in with Him. He will direct my thoughts if I ask. He will never lead me to a decision that disgusts Him.  He will direct my path to victory over sin and a honorable life.

A repentant heart is music to the Lord’s ears. He loves me and showers me with grace, but His forgiveness and restoration are beyond words! He is like a magnet – I can’t stay away from Him because His grace is such a blessing. I know of my sin, my shame and my guilt but He removes all of it because my repentant heart paves the way for His amazing grace!

Pressing On!

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