RainThe word “Rain” is a noun and also a verb. When I think of rain I first think of water from the sky. The moisture from the atmosphere condenses together and the moisture falls in separate rain droplets. I think it’s pretty amazing to think of how intricately detailed that is. If rain was poured out from the clouds it would be destructive.

I also use the word rain to describe how quickly things “rain down” upon me. Its used to describe falling or descending on me in more of a figurative sense.

This morning as I was reading Zechariah, I was reminded that the Lord is the Cloud maker, The Rainmaker. Check this out….

1 Ask the Lord for rain during the springtime rains.

    The Lord is the one who makes the clouds.
He sends the showers
    and gives everyone green fields.
2 Idols tell lies;

    fortune-tellers see false visions
and tell about false dreams.

    The comfort they give is worth nothing.

So the people are like lost sheep.

    They are abused, because there is no shepherd.
6 “I will strengthen the people of Judah

    and save the people of Joseph.

I will bring them back,

    because I care about them.
It will be as though

    I had never left them,

because I am the Lord their God,

    and I will answer them. (Zechariah 10:1-2;6 NCV)

The Lord is the Source of all nourishment in my life. He provides for my spiritual refreshing and He provides for my physical refreshing.  Rain replenishes the earth. Water is the most amazing resource. The rain washes so many things and nourishes the earth.

I’m so thankful to know the Maker of Rain. The Lord will continue to refresh my spirit and nourish my soul with His Living Water! He will continue to “rain down” blessings on my life. He will continue to pour out His Spirit upon me!  I have a very thankful heart this morning!

Pressing On!

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