This word goes along with discipline but screams out pain. The times in my life I’ve been punished, doesn’t bring back fond memories at all. I will say that I earned a lot of the punishment I received at the hands of my Mom & Dad. Asaph is crying out for God to punish the enemies of Israel. He doesn’t pull punches. He wants God to annihilate them.  Check this out…

13 My God, make them like tumbleweed,
       like chaff blown away by the wind.
 14 Be like a fire that burns a forest
       or like flames that blaze through the hills.
 15 Chase them with your storm,
       and frighten them with your wind.
 16 Cover them with shame.
       Then people will look for you, Lord.
 17 Make them afraid and ashamed forever.
       Disgrace them and destroy them.
 18 Then they will know that you are the Lord,
       that only you are God Most High over all the earth. (Psalm 83:13-18 NCV)

As a parent, I don’t like to punish my children. I love it when they are obedient and respond to my direction and guidance without going their own way.  I think God feels the same way. He loves it when we obey Him without trying to go our own way and do our own thing.

God’s punishment of nations was complete and often quick. As a believer, I intend to follow the guidelines He’s laid out because they are there for my protection and growth. As a citizen of the USA, I would love to see our nation honor God and serve Him with our vast resources. The consequences of disobedience could mean punishment.

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