Punishment Security IconsMy Mom and Dad certainly did not “spare the rod and spoil the child” with me! I learned early on where the boundaries were. I also learned what would happen if I crossed the boundaries as well. Punishment is usually the retribution for and offense. If you commit the crime, you must do the time! (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

God was speaking through Nahum the punishment on Nineveh. He did not hold back and I’m not sure they had a clue what was coming. They were living in direct opposition to God’s ways. They were wicked and reckless and their punishment was on the horizon. Check this out….

 18 King of Assyria, your rulers are asleep;

    your important men lie down to rest.

Your people have been scattered on the mountains,

    and there is no one to bring them back.
19 Nothing can heal your wound;

    your injury will not heal.

Everyone who hears about you applauds,

    because everyone has felt your endless cruelty. (Nahum 3:18-19 NCV)

Punishment comes when I step outside the boundaries that the Lord has for me. Punishment comes in the way of consequences when I sin against the Lord. Grace comes in to play because I can never live a perfect life without sin. Jesus made a way for me to escape the punishment I deserve. He then goes way, way beyond that and not only takes the punishment for me – He gives me eternal life as icing on the cake!  I deserve severe punishment for my sin, but I get forgiveness and life everlasting!! Jesus is such a “Game-Changer”, Life Shaper, Memory Maker, Lover of my soul. I can’t quite express the difference He’s made in my life. I deserve death, but I receive LIFE!

Pressing On!

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