I remember there were times growing up when my Mom would send me to my room and tell me that my Dad would be there soon to punish me for my disobedience (whatever the infraction).  Sometimes that simple waiting on Him to come spank me or ground me was worse than the punishment itself. I had time to reflect on what I had done and why I was being punished.

Isaiah is warning the other nations that God is about to punish them for their mis-treatment of Israel. He tells them it’s coming and then they have to wait for it. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
All you nations, come near and listen.
 Pay attention, you peoples!
The earth and all the people in it should listen,
the world and everything in it.
2 The Lord is angry with all the nations;
 he is angry with their armies.
He will destroy them and kill them all.
3 Their bodies will be thrown outside.
The stink will rise from the bodies,
and the blood will flow down the mountains.
4 The sun, moon, and stars will dissolve, and the sky will be rolled up like a scroll.
The stars will fall like dead leaves from a vine
or dried-up figs from a fig tree.
8 The Lord has chosen a time for punishment.
He has chosen a year when people must pay for the wrongs they did to Jerusalem. (Isaiah 34:1-4; 8 NCV)

 I know enough about the Lord to know that He will not let nations simply ignore Him and do what they want to other nations. My Mom used to say, “your sin will find you out”.  We can’t continue being disrespectful and disobedient and expect everything to turn out fine. The Lord God is the Creator of all we have, see and touch. He can and will punish us for sin…unless there is Grace. We deserve destruction, but instead we get an invitation to sit at the head table. I’m grateful that I don’t get what I deserve; instead I get Grace.  I so very grateful and I want to live in a way that reflects my gratitude.

 Pressing On!

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