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48 MjAxMF8wOF8xMF9Db21wYXNzXzAxLmpwZw==When the people who lead get off track it can really cause a train wreck. The people who are given our trust, our loyalty and our support must lead with integrity and honor. If they don’t follow the Lord, they will do whatever they feel is right. The problem comes when they don’t listen to the Lord.

Micah was a good prophet. He was listening to God. He was staying true to what he was called to do and be. He was in the minority among prophets. The Lord was shutting the “prophet program” down. Check this out…

5 The Lord says this about the prophets who teach his people the wrong way of living: “If these prophets are given food to eat,

    they shout, ‘Peace!’

But if someone doesn’t give them what they ask for,

    they call for a holy war against that person.
6 So it will become like night for them, without visions.

    It will become dark for them, without any way to tell the future.

The sun is about to set for the prophets;

    their day will become dark.
7 The seers will be ashamed;

    the people who see the future will be embarrassed.

Yes, all of them will cover their mouths,

    because there will be no answer from God.” (Micah 3:5-7 NCV)

Micah is the prophet recording this from the Lord. He is still tracking with God. He has resisted the temptation to simply “tickle their ears” with what the people want to hear. Check this out…

8 But I am filled with power,

    with the Spirit of the Lord,

    and with justice and strength,

to tell the people of Jacob how they have turned against God,

    and the people of Israel how they have sinned. (Micah 3:8 NCV)

Micah is calling the prophets out. He isn’t shy or timid – He’s bold in his faith.

There needs to always be someone who will not “sell out” to society or culture.

There needs to be someone who will always speak the truth – even when it’s painful.

There needs to be someone who will be honest in spite of the dishonest culture.

There needs to be someone who will ALWAYS follow the Lord’s Way.

There needs to be someone who will call me out when I’m not following the Lord’s way.

The compass shows which way North is – The Word of God always points to God. A good prophet is always pointing the way to the Lord – NOT pointing or drawing attention to himself or herself.

Pressing On!

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