I’ve made promises over the years of many different reasons. I remember as a kid making a “pinky promise” to one of my brothers or sisters. We were taught that you didn’t swear, but your “yes” should be “yes” and your “no” should be “no”. In other words, your word should mean something.

Promises are sometimes hard to keep. We make them out of emotion or certain circumstances without thinking about how hard it will be to really keep our promise.  God wants us to keep our promises. He keeps His promises to us. Check this out….

1 People in Judah know God;
       his fame is great in Israel.
4 God, how wonderful you are!
       You are more splendid than the hills full of animals.
 11 Make and keep your promises to the Lord your God.
       From all around, gifts should come to the God we worship. (Psalm 76:1,4,11 NCV)

Sometimes I promise God that I’m going to be consistent in my actions, when in fact I’m more influenced by others around me than by His Word or His guidance on my life. As a follower of Jesus, I also have the Holy Spirit/Counselor to help me make the proper promises and certainly keep my promises.

God is certainly most worthy of my pursuit and my promises of obedience and allegiance to Him.  I’m not going to stop making promises to Him simply because I’ve broken some before. My promises to God are life long and a daily pursuit. He knows my heart and my deep desire to keep my promises and give all that I am to Him.

Pressing On!

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