Pride & Destruction

Pride is that deep pleasure in something that I accomplished or my team accomplished together. It is also bad when a person thinks too highly of themselves or their accomplishments. I think pride is the polar opposite of humility and trust. Pride is trusting in me and my own power and strength. Humility is knowing it’s not by my might or power, but through the Lord’s strength and power that I’m able to stand.

Jeremiah was speaking destruction on Moab and it was largely because of their pride, they were taken out. Check this out….

 29 “We have heard that the people of Moab are proud,

    very proud.
They are proud, very proud,

    and in their hearts they think they are important.”
30 The Lord says,

    “I know Moab’s great pride, but it is useless.

    Moab’s bragging accomplishes nothing.
42 The nation of Moab will be destroyed,

    because they thought they were greater than the Lord. (Jeremiah 48:29-30; 42 NCV)

Our pride leads to arrogance and ultimately leads to our destruction. I can handle someone who is confident, but there is a line where confidence crosses over to arrogance and ego that is repulsive to me. I don’t like being around people like that at all.  I think there are things here on earth that feed our pride, arrogance and ego…like money, power or fame.  All of those things are temporary, but the Love of God is eternal. God calls me to humility, service and sacrifice rather than pride, power and arrogance. When I’m leading the way with humility, service and sacrifice – the Lord attracts others to follow. He wired us to love and serve like Him.

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