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Hands folded in prayer over open russian Holy Bible on black backgroundI love the story of Jonah because I see me in the story sometimes. I know that Jonah wasn’t this stellar, model prophet. He is actually known for running from the Lord’s call. I found it interesting reading his prayer from inside the big fish. I assume that he wrote this after the experience and not in the middle of it. His prayer was “spot-on” considering his situation. Check this out…

1 While Jonah was inside the fish, he prayed to the Lord his God and said,
2 “When I was in danger,

    I called to the Lord,

    and he answered me.
I was about to die,

    so I cried to you,

    and you heard my voice.
7 “When my life had almost gone,

    I remembered the Lord.
I prayed to you,

    and you heard my prayers in your Holy Temple.
8 “People who worship useless idols

    give up their loyalty to you.
9 But I will praise and thank you

    while I give sacrifices to you,

    and I will keep my promises to you.
Salvation comes from the Lord!
10 Then the Lord spoke to the fish, and the fish threw up Jonah onto the dry land. (Jonah 2:1-2, 7-10 NCV)

Sometimes my most desperate situations call for the most desperate and honest prayers. I have “been there and done that”! I think that some of my deepest convictions of my faith were formed in desperate times because I felt the presence of the Lord near me ministering to me. I can’t describe it very well with words, but I KNOW of His presence. He is as real as the computer I’m typing on. He transcends all that I see and know. I think that it’s incredible that I can talk to Him at any time. I can get His advise and His wisdom in a moment’s notice.

I don’t pray desperate prayers as often because I pray more often. I feel His Presence starting at the beginning of the day and all throughout the day. I want this daily journey with Him to continue every day of my life. 

Pressing On!

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