Praise The Lord

I can never do enough of this. When I don’t know what else to do…Praise the Lord. When my relationship with the Lord gets dry and maybe a bit stale….Praise Him. I must learn to praise Him when things are going great and when things are falling apart. The Lord loves it when I praise Him. Check out what the Psalmist said about this….

 1 Praise the Lord!
    Praise him, you servants of the Lord;
       praise the name of the Lord.
 2 The Lord’s name should be praised
       now and forever.
 3 The Lord’s name should be praised
       from where the sun rises to where it sets.
 4 The Lord is supreme over all the nations;
       his glory reaches to the skies. (Psalm 113:1-4 NCV)

I love watching the sunrise in the east and then at the end of the day see the beautiful sunset in the west.  From east to west; north to south; from the beginning of the day, to the end of the day – I should praise the Lord. He is good even when there’s nothing good in me. His love and His mercy are beyond measuring. My love and praise seems measurable – His is not.

As I laid my head on my pillow last night, I reflected on the distance that I sometimes feel in my relationship with God for a season. I felt like He reminded me to simply worship Him and praise Him for Who He is. It’s amazing how my spiritual demeanor changed – my perspective was made clear. I’m going to consciously praise the Lord more today!

Pressing On!

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