Plumb or Crooked

vintage plumbI’ve done some small building projects in my life. I’ve also been a participant in building bigger projects. I remember pretty well the building of my home nearly 18 years ago. I loved watching the walls go up and the roof go on. I remember working the plans and moving walls. I also remember the painstaking detail of laying it out and pouring the foundation as well as pouring the walls. If the foundation is crooked, the rest of the building process is a challenge. It’s very important that the walls be plumb. To measure the plumb is to measure the “vertical level”.  The Lord knows a thing or two about plumb. Check this out….

7 This is what he showed me: The Lord stood by a straight wall, with a plumb line in his hand. 8 The Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?”

I said, “A plumb line.”
Then the Lord said, “See, I will put a plumb line among my people Israel to show how crooked they are. I will not look the other way any longer. (Amos 7:7-8 NCV)

The Lord is really the only One who can measure my vertical relationship with Him. He knows me like no one else. I step off the way He’s leading me and He’s fully aware.

I also believe that the Word of God is like a plumb line. The Word is the place that I first learned about the Heart of God. I still discover new insight to Him as I read His Word. I also can measure my life to see if it’s plumb or not.

I need to use the plumb line of the Word of God daily to keep my behavior in check. I need to repent and confess when my sin is brought to my attention in the Word. I want my life to be plumb before Him!

Pressing On!

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