This is a good word and brings all sorts of thoughts to my mind. It is the opposite of war. I’ve spoken with a friend who is in the military about war. I’ve spoken to an older vet who was a prisoner of war when peace came. Peace is a concept that needs to spread through out my life and through out our world. Disagreements do not have to end in war, but they often do. Isaiah speaks of peace with God, which we all need. Check this out….

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 But if anyone comes to me for safety and wants to make peace with me,
he should come and make peace with me.” (Isaiah 27:5 NCV)

 I remember as a young student minister doing a study called “Peace With God”.  When I came across this verse in Isaiah, it took me back there. God doesn’t want to be at odds with His kids. He wants a close, loving relationship with each one. When I finally got that, I began to recognize Him and I began to see His love for me. I began to see that He really does love me and wants the best for me. In fact, His will for my life is what is best for me. The Bible lays out what a “peace treaty” with God looks like.  It is not a negotiation. That part has already been done. The pardon for my “war crimes” has already been issued. The cross of Jesus became the bridge from death (war with God) to life (peace with God).

I can have peace in my heart and be at peace with others because of my journey with the Lord.  I’m at peace with God on His terms and it’s the safest place on earth to be. He is always my Protector, my Provider, my Defender, my Dad!

 Pressing On!

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