This word is sometimes like a moving target. It’s meaning carries with it: freedom from disturbance, war, dispute or dissension.  I like to think of peace as tranquility, calm,  “serenity now” (I’m a Seinfeld fan J ).  I’ve lost sleep because I didn’t have peace. I’ve slept like a baby when I did have peace. I’ve seen disputes in families that nearly destroy everyone involved. There are disputes that arise within workplaces, local, state and national government.  I came across this simple prayer that helped direct my prayer for my country. Check this out….

 6 Pray for peace in Jerusalem:
       “May those who love her be safe.
 7 May there be peace within her walls
       and safety within her strong towers.”
 8 To help my relatives and friends,
       I say, “Let Jerusalem have peace.” (Psalm 122:6-8 NCV)

I sometimes see just divided our country when it comes to discerning our values and convictions. On one side, everything is a fight to return to values that we once held dear and on the other side there’s a fight to be totally open to everything that comes along.  In my opinion, there are times when both sides are wrong. I have some pretty strong opinions about politics and the direction of our country. I do think we’ve turned disagreement into hate speech and that is wrong. You can disagree with one someone without hate

I’m not saying that there is never a time to fight. I am saying that we need to choose wisely the things we fight over.  I’m not willing to sacrifice everything I believe in for the sake of peace, but I’m not willing to fight over every decision that is made.  It takes a lot of courage to work for peace and it takes both sides who disagree to be willing to work hard. There are times that war precedes peace. It’s painful and dreadful, but maybe the only way.

I’m praying for peace in our country as well as the world. I want everyone to know the peace that the Lord has placed in my heart. I want others to know this peace that is hard to understand but incredible to experience – it comes from Jesus!

Pressing On!

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