Passion For God

I love the journey of King David. He seems so real, honest and sincere. He actually seems human yet has a deep love for the Lord. He also seems to be a relentless pursuit for God’s heart.  I love seeing David’s journey unfold and the Psalms open up much insight into his relationship with the Lord.  Check this out…

 1 Lord, remember David
       and all his suffering.
 2 He made an oath to the Lord,
       a promise to the Mighty God of Jacob.
 3 He said, “I will not go home to my house,
       or lie down on my bed,
 4 or close my eyes,
       or let myself sleep
 5 until I find a place for the Lord.
       I want to provide a home for the Mighty God of Jacob.” (Psalm 132:1-5 NCV)

 David is thinking about the Lord’s place for worship. He really wants to provide a proper place for the Lord to dwell. David is keenly aware of the history of how God led Israel out of slavery in Egypt and how they wondered for 40 years due to their disobedience. David desires for the Lord to have a home – a temple to dwell in.  David’s mind is on kingdom things, not just self-centered things. I would do well to model my life in this way. I want to be a God seeker & kingdom seeker rather than self-centered and pursuing my own desires.  My passion for God should trump my passion for me. My passion for God should also lead to compassion for others.

Pressing On!

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