Pain From Punishment

I remember as a child getting quite a few spankings. I know that people who know me now would find that hard to believe. My parents were not shy about discipline and punishment. I remember my Dad saying, “this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”  I’m thinking, “yeah right”.  Then I grew up and had kids of my own and dealing out punishment from the parent’s perspective is not fun.  I’m trying to guide my children in the right way and teach them the rules that protect them and they still disobey sometime.  It’s not fun punishing bad behavior, but it’s necessary.  God punished His children and it was clear that He didn’t enjoy it.  Check this out….

 14All those nations who were your friends have forgotten you.
They don’t care about you.
I have hurt you as an enemy would.
I punished you very hard,
because your guilt was so great
and your sins were so many.
15Why are you crying out about your injury?
There is no cure for your pain.
I did these things to you because of your great guilt,
because of your many sins.
19People in those places will sing songs of praise.
There will be the sound of laughter.
I will give them many children
so their number will not be small.
I will bring honor to them
so no one will look down on them. (Jeremiah 14-15, 19 NCV)

 The love of God is displayed now through His Son Jesus. Jesus came and took the punishment that I deserve and I receive grace instead of punishment. I do believe that there are still consequences of our sin, but forgiveness and grace is in great supply from our amazing God. Through Jesus we have hope that is eternal.

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