Only One

Number One
Number One

I’ve heard many love songs over the years about there being “only one for me”. The implication of the song is that there is only one person on the planet for me to marry.  I’m not sure I ever believed that, but there are people who do. I remember my Mom advising me on relationships. Mom said it wasn’t about “finding the right person; it was about being the right person”.  I believe that there is a lot of truth in that when it comes to human relationships. In our relationship with God, I think it encompasses both concepts. My relationship with God is really about Him. It is also about my response to Him.

The people of Israel really didn’t respond properly to Him. Check this out…

 4 “I, the Lord, have been your God

    since you were in the land of Egypt.

You should have known no other God except me.

    I am the only one who saves.
5 I cared for them in the desert

    where it was hot and dry.
6 I gave them food, and they became full and satisfied.

    But then they became too proud and forgot me. (Hosea 13:4-6 NCV)

God will not share the center of my life with any other person or thing. In trusting Him as my God – there is no one else like Him. There is no one else to compare Him too. He really wants to be Lord over everything in my life. I’m totally ok with that. It’s when I try to do things my own way that things go badly. It happened with His people too. God is so generous and kind – full of mercy and grace. He made a way for me to return to Him. His One and Only Son surrendered His life so that I could have life. It is through Jesus that I have access to God the Father. He is the Only One for me. I have all of these other relationships but He rules over them all.  There is room for “only One” Lord in my life and He’s Jesus. He will not share the stage of my heart with any other. My goal is to keep it that way!

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